European Spallation Source-Initiative (ESS-I)

ESS-I workshop on instruments for ESS

Workshop Secretary: Laurence Tellier <>

The description of the workshop location is available on the web site.  It is a pleasant site in the middle of the Vercors.
Our secretary is Laurence Tellier <>.
Request: Send her your travel details in order to plan shuttles from the Airports. The workshop officially starts Sept 11th, 2 pm, and ends on the 15th, 12 am. All expenses (travel and accommodation) will be covered by ESS-I and the ILL. Computers will be supplied by the ILL, but you may bring your laptop. Internet connection (incl. Wifi) will be available on-site.


The workshop will start on the 11th after lunch (say 1:30 pm), and will end on the 15th in the afternoon.


The workshop will take place at the

Hotel Val des Genets <>.
Place de l'Eglise - 38680 Rencurel
téléphone : 0476389828
mailto :

The Rencurel Village
The Rencurel Village
Closer view of Rencurel in the Vercors
Large view situating Rencurel in the Vercors


From Airport Saint Exupery, by car, it take about 1h20 to reach Rencurel. [from Lyon Airport (pdf)]
From the ILL, by car, it takes about 45 min to reach Rencurel. [from ILL (pdf)]

Buses will be booked to get people from the Lyon Airport and from the ILL on the Sept. 11th morning.

Budget estimate

Hotel cost: 96 euros/night/pers. (incl VAT + conference room and equipement + coffee breaks, etc...)
Travel expenses and accomodation will be covered by ESS-I and ILL (contact P. Tindemans for acknowledgement and details)


Computers (obtained from the ILL/Computer services): 5 desktop machines plus personal laptops.

Local network and Internet access will be available (wired and wifi).

Printers: 2

Beamers: 2

E. Farhi
Rencurel, Vercors, France -  Sept. 11-15, 2006 Modified: July 20th, 2006